We offer FREE step by step Essential Oil Training as part of the Crew! Promoting Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance by educating, empowering and integrating the Young Living Essential Oils lifestyle.

What are Essential Oils?

There are over 250 references in the Bible! So why have we gotten away from them?  They come from any and all parts of a plant. They are considered the “life blood” and are the “essential part”.  It is the part that keeps the plant ALIVE during harsh conditions and this “plant intelligence” is simply amazing! The oils are then extracted from the plant in a variety of ways through a very precise process.  Learn More >>


Why choose Young Living Oils?

Young Living has been around for over 20+ years.  They ARE the Original Essential Oil Company! They own all of their farms throughout the world. They have the distillation process down to a science. They are the only company that uses the “Seed to Seal” process. Want to know more?


 How do you use oils?

Great question!  The molecules extracted from these plants are EXTREMELY small. They can enter into our blood stream in 3 different ways: by inhaling, topical application or by being ingested. Want to learn more?  Get exclusive training when you join the team!  Join Now >>

Meet Dr. E and the team!

The Smiley Oil Crew’s mission is to not only teach you all about the oils, but to be here for you, to support you, to train and guide you on your journey to better wellness, purpose, abundance!  This team provides TRAINING, EDUCATION, and other tools necessary to get started. Click and Join Young Living >>

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