We know you have questions about Young Living Essential Oils.  Check out some of the most frequently asked questions below.  You can also submit your own FAQ to us via our Contact Us page.  We can’t wait to hear from you.

What does having a membership mean?

Being a Young Living members means you get your oils at Wholesale cost! Young Living’s Wholesale Membership does NOT require you to buy monthly. Of course you’ll want to, but YL believes that it should be your decision. To get wholesale pricing, simply purchase the premium starter kit!  Then you automatically get 24% off everything!

Essential Rewards?

Once you fall in love with your starter kit, you will want to take advantage of all the other amazing oils and products Young Living has to offer. Before you know it, you will be ordering your cleaning solution, toothpaste, and skin care products from Young Living. Essential Rewards is an auto-ship program that allows you to choose different oils and products each month as well as pick the date of your choosing.

You can join Essential Rewards one of 2 ways:

  1. When you initially order your Premium Starter kit you can join ER by ordering an additional ER kit, such as the Thieves kit or many others! OR
  2. You can purchase your Premium Starter Kit first and join ER any day thereafter.

*You will receive an additional 1 time bonus GIFT to all members on essential rewards! It’s worth giving it a try because it’s month to month!

When joining ER you must commit to order at least 50pv each month, which usually equals to about $50. Most choose over 100PV because if you share you will be rewarded! You will receive discounted shipping and receive points back each month, which you may use to redeem FREE products! Months 1-6 you earn 10% back in points, months 6-12 you earn 15% back and after 12 months you earn 20% back on every Essential Rewards order you place. These points add up! Who doesn’t love FREE stuff? It’s simple to join: Log into your virtual office  www.youngliving.org  and then click on the left Essential Rewards Tab.

How can I get a free kit?

If you share YL with 3 people in the same month that you get your Premium Starter Kit, you’ll practically get your kit for free! Young Living rewards you with a $50 incentive bonus for each new member you enroll with the purchase of a Premium Start Kit. Believe me, you will WANT to talk about how much you love your oils in no time!

I accidentally signed up as a customer. How do I change to become a member?

If you accidentally enrolled as a retail customer but wish to be a Member, do not enroll again. Just call customer care at 1-800-371-3515 and they will upgrade your account to a wholesale member.

Why is the right mentor so important?

The right mentor contacts you from day one, they support you in all aspects of your oily journey and they respond to you within 24 hours.   You will feel part of our family!  The Smiley Oil Crew is passionate about health and wellness and we pride ourselves on making sure you have the best, most educational experience possible!

How do I join the Smiley Oil Crew?

  1. Click the “Join Young Living” page under Join the Crew and then follow the steps.
  2. Make sure you pick the Smiley Oil Crew mentor that referred you to the site and click on the “Join My Crew” button after their bio. If your Mentor is in the Crew, but not listed in our Mentor section, please follow the steps on “Join Young Living” and enter the Smiley Oil Crew mentor’s number that you received from the member who referred you.
  3. You will order your premium starter kit and officially be a member of Young Living!
  4. Once you are a Young Living member under a Smiley Oil Crew member then you are part of the Crew!
  5. Make sure you then come back to the page and Fill out the Crew members only area so you will have access to training and much more!