I have been an Independent Distributor for Young Living since October 29, 2015.

It all started with my last pregnancy. I knew I wanted to have a natural, unmedicated birth. I already shy away from traditional medication for natural remedies and I also wanted to move towards natural products free of harsh toxins for my home.

Through much research and prayer (and the gentle nudging of my friend Angelle Whittington!), I found Young Living to be a superior company and loved their Seed to Seal promise. I know I’m getting the purest oils that retain their God-given properties. They truly are “nature’s medicine!”

I’m a Registered Nurse in Labor and Delivery and daily see the power of modern medicine to heal and save lives. I’ve also witnessed the power of essential oils and their ability to support healthy body systems. I believe in educating ourselves and using both to our advantage to reach optimum wellness in our daily lives.

In addition to achieving my birth goals in August 2015, my family has seen awesome wellness benefits as well. My kids haven’t used an OTC medication in months! We’re also in the process of completely swapping out our cleaning supplies for natural, non-toxic alternatives. I use the oils daily and I couldn’t imagine going back to life before Young Living. My hope is that you’ll research these oils and try them out for yourself. Consider becoming a member and watch how your life changes for the better! And remember, “We have an oil for that!”