Order Young Living Oils at Wholesale Prices.

There are several starter kits to choose from, but enrolling with the Premium Starter Kit is the most cost-effective way to start and you save 24% off retail pricing. The best part is you aren’t obligated to promote the oils OR spend a certain amount per month to enjoy lower prices on oils for your family!

What’s included in your Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit?

The Young Living Premium Starter Kit comes with:

  • 11 of the best essential oils on the planet!
  • Diffuser of Your Choice
  • Wholesale Membership (save 24%!)

Smiley oil CREWmembers receive:

  • A special surprise GIFT from your mentor!
  • Access to our 2 private FB groups! (Oil Sistas and Smiley Oil Crew)

PLUS you get access to our PRIVATE crew member’s area! Our Crew Members get Exclusive Essential Oil Training and MUCH MORE!  

So make sure you PICK one of OUR mentors and start your Young Living member sign up HERE! Come back to the site after and create your Log in under CREW MEMBERS area!

How to order:

Once you order your kit you will be a member of Young Living and be added to our group Smiley Oil Crew!

  • Step 1. Choose one of our MENTORS and click their designated Join my crew link. (The Sponsor and Enroller ID with the member # of the mentor you picked will be filled in already.) If your mentor is not on this site, please go to and simply enter your mentor’s number you received for both the enroller and sponsor.
  • Step 2. Keep the Wholesale Member box checked. This ensures you will receive 24% off!
  • Step 3. Complete the personal information section
  • Step 4. Create your username, password and 4 digit PIN. (Please write these down!)
  • Step 5. Make sure to check the box to agree to Young Living terms and conditions!
  • Step 6. The Premium Starter Kit will already be checked so just PICK your DIFFUSER!
  • Step 7. If you choose to participate in “ Monthly Wellness Box” called Essential Rewards (ER), you’ll start accumulating rewards points for everything you buy, which can be used to get free products on future orders. You may do this now or at a later time as well.
  • Step 8. Click Confirm. Then select the blue box (Enrollment Checkout), you can also add other products at this time.
  • Step 9. Choose shipping method and enter payment information
  • Step 10. Review cart and be sure to select ACTIVATE AND PLACE ORDER

You’re all set!!

Make sure to come back to the site and create a Log in in the CREW MEMBERS area to start your TRAINING, BOOT CAMP!  WELCOME TO THE CREW!


So, I invite you to watch my Online Essential Oils Class– learn what oils are, why they work, how to use them, and more! Also make sure to go to the CREW MEMBER area and create a LOG IN to access our step by step TRAINING!

SOC Intro Young Living from Smiley Oil Crew on Vimeo.


Do you want a Toxic free home? Do you want a more Natural way of Living? Well, Young Living is much more than a world leader in Essential Oils. They have so many amazing products to help you on your journey to complete wellness! I am in love with this company not just for the products, but because of its purpose.

The journey you will experience is: Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance.  Join us  on this Journey. The vision that Gary, creator of Young Living has for the world, is to spread love and health to all. This video represents another great aspect of this company. The Young Living foundation gives 100% of donations to those in need and is changing the world in more ways than one.  All administrative costs are covered by the company, which means that  every single cent goes to the cause.

Changing Lives through the Young Living Foundation >