What Are They Exactly?

Essential oils have been around FOREVER!! There are over 250 references in the Bible! So why have we gotten away from them? Thankfully one, and only ONE company, has brought them back at the highest Therapeutic grade available and I’m proud to say it’s the only brand I will ever use on my family = Young Living.

They come from any and all parts of a plant. They are considered the “life blood” and are the “essential part”.  It is the part that keeps the plant ALIVE during harsh conditions and this “plant intelligence” is simply amazing! The oils are then extracted from the plant in a variety of ways through a very precise process.

The molecules extracted are EXTREMELY small and when we use them, they can enter into our blood stream in 3 different ways:

1. Inhaled – through a diffuser (which comes with your starter kit) and direct inhalation.
2. Topical – They can be applied directly (“Neat”) or diluted to the skin to support the body in many ways.
3. Ingested – This can be done on a spoonful of honey, in Ningxia Red, or in a Veggie Capsule.

Our bodies innate intelligence is so high. It allows us the ability to absorb them perfectly.  Only a small amount is needed, one drop goes a long way.  Oils can be combined to make “blends” and “recipes” for a wide array of customized solutions! You will see Magical things!


“I have been using Essential Oils for years in cleaning products and for “aromatherapy”, but now I use them for EVERYTHING.”