Why we use Young Living?

I never knew how useful these essential oils could be and how much quality truly mattered. Not all oils are created equal!  You can definitely find less expensive oils that are used strictly for aromatherapy. These CANNOT be ingested and I would personally never recommend putting them on your skin nor would I recommend them to my patients.  A lot of other brands are less expensive, due to the fact that they are full of “fillers” and solvents.  These can in turn be harmful and cause “allergic” reactions.

Seed_to_Seal_ID_2015When I used other brands in the past, I had to use so many drops at a time to get my desired effect, yet with Young Living, the oils go so much further.  Higher potency = Longer lasting!  So in the end, it’s not only priced similarly to the less expensive competitors when you look at it that way, but a much better value!

Young Living has been around for over 20+ years.  They ARE the Original Essential Oil Company! They own all of their farms throughout the world. They have the distillation process down to a science. They are the only company that uses the “Seed to Seal” process. What is this?  www.seedtoseal.com

*There are other good quality oil companies out there. I don’t want to discredit the others. Through my personal research and usage I chose to use Young Living!

So there are the Facts

I want all of you to know the Facts and MORE. The Smiley Oil Crew’s mission is to not only teach you all about the oils, but to be here for you, to support you, to train and guide you on your journey to better wellness, purpose, abundance!  In addition to our very own private Facebook pages, you will have access to our “Crew Members Only area” on this website!  This area contains TRAINING, EDUCATION, and other tools necessary to get you started!